Guillermo de la Puente


A Task Manager that prioritizes your day for you

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2020 - 2021

With 2 other non-technical cofounders, we built Quatro as a web application for managing tasks and scheduling them. It included a drag and drop task list, calendar display, repeating tasks, an integration with Google Calendar, desktop notifications, plenty of keyboard shortcuts, and a native desktop app using ToDesktop.

During the project, I hired and briefly mananged 2 freelancers (we had a low budget, but I wanted some help to move quicker), worked with a brand designer to build the logo and website, and used its codebase to teach a friend how to code.

In the end, it didn't work out and we closed the project. One of my cofounders, Jon Saft, wrote a great post with a lesson we learned: What a B2B PM Learned About Building Consumer Products.

The project is open sourced for others to learn from it. Youy can find it on GitHub.

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