Guillermo de la Puente

Personal Newsletter

There are many ways to stay connected with a social network of friends, acquaintances and professional contacts. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging… My problem is that they also come with a lot of garbage that promotes low attention spans, bombards users with ads, encourages flashy and exaggerated content, makes counting likes an addictive game, etc. They still present opportunities for connection and creativity, but I also find them too deviated from their mission of connecting people.

Compared with those, your email inbox is so personal. It's a space for you and only you. You always have the power, for example, to decide which emails to read, to choose which newsletters to unsubscribe from, to cut down the noise flagging it as spam, and to read it whenever you want.

So I'd like to try connecting with you through your inbox with a personal newsletter. Occasionally, maybe once every other month.

In these emails, you will read things I feel like sharing, like personal reflections, travel updates, and project updates. I might also include references to content by others and questions for you.

When you receive my emails, if you choose to reply and engage, either to offer a small comment or to start a conversation, maybe this experiment will be successful. Let's see if we actually feel connected! I look forward to that.

Thanks for reading