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Collaborate with family and friends to create beautiful, emotional memorials for your loved ones in minutes

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2022 - 2023

After is an online memorials platform. Its frontend not only needs to be easy to use and fast, but it needs to be smooth and delightful enough to evoke nostalgia and positive feelings.

I took on the project to stabilize the product, since at that time it had a lot of issues, and to increase user adoption. Then, moved on to creating revenue streams.

  • Fix all outstanding issues.
  • Improve the user experience and accessibility.
  • Simplify user flows to prevent users dropping off and boost sign-ups.
  • Implement email nurture sequences to encourage users to come back with Brevo (Sendinblue).
  • Implement SEO good practices on all pages, and monitor it via Google Search Console. Check out how I implemented dynamic sitemap generation for thousands of pages.
  • Migrate the codebase to TypeScript, to eliminate type issues and deliver more quickly with confidence.
  • Move hosting to Vercel, to reduce complexity, reduce build and deployment time, and make it much easier to test changes and deploy more frequently.
  • Revive their blog, giving it a fresh on-brand design and improving SEO to support the main site.
  • Take a deep dive into performance on mobile devices, making the swiper perform seamlessly even with complex memorial slides that have plenty of functionality.
  • Integrate Stripe for simple payments, and Stripe Connect for donations to memorial owners.
  • Template out infrastructure using AWS CloudFormation.
  • Architect additional business domains using microservices or Docker tasks running on AWS Fargate.
  • Use web scraping services for growth hacking tactics.
Visit AfterView the memorial I use for tests
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