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[Podcast] Building a team from scratch with Splash


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At the In Progress show, a podcast where we look at how tech companies work from the inside.

As a new manager, managing myself and my mind through this process of being responsible and accountable to others has been the hardest thing.


As an Engineering Manager at Splash, Guillermo shares his story of moving from New York to Madrid to start building an engineering team from scratch.


  • 01:10 - Introduction

  • 02:00 - Moving from NY to Madrid

  • 03:10 - Why the company decided to make that move?

  • 04:20 - What are the steps required to start building an engineering team?

  • 06:50 - Once the company was set, how did you start looking for people?

  • 09:00 - The first hire

  • 10:10 - Being afraid of failure

  • 11:30 - Moving forward

  • 13:20 - As a remote team, how do you ensure everyone is aligned to the company vision?

  • 16:10 - What are the best tools you have to manage your team?

  • 17:40 - How is a day at Splash Madrid?

  • 19:45 - What was your biggest challenge in these two years?

  • 21:40 - What techniques do you have to stay calm?

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